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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Please be safe and have fun if you are out trick or treating with little ones!!! Check their candy for those people out there who delight on hurting others. If you aren't trick or treating with little ones still be safe and have fun and make sure you watch for little ones if you are out and about - some of those costumes don't stand out very well and we don't want any little ones blending into the shadows and getting hurt!!!

As for me - not much is going on. Took Mom to the doctor yesterday and we still don't have an answer on what they are going to do to fix her problem. She had lap band surgery right after it came out and she has had complications from it - so bad they had to remove it. We almost lost her due to the complications and now her esophageous no longer works - yeah, you read that right. Undamaged ones work to push food down and hers isn't pushing anything down very well. The long and short of it is we have 2 doctors disagreeing about the course of action all along while she is suffering and having difficulties getting food down at times. Anywho, more tests to be run in a couple weeks and hopefully someone will figure out what to do.

I have nothing scrappy to show today but........................check back tomorrow!!! I have a card sketch that came to me in the middle of the night that I am going to share with you and it will have a prize to go with it!!! I was originally just going to host it at Just Scrappin' but decided to add it here. If you make a card from the sketch and link it here you will be entered into a drawing for a scrappy prize here on my blog. If you make a card from the sketch and post it in the forum at Just Scrappin' (I'll link the thread tomorrow) you will be entered to win a scrappy prize from me over there. If you link it here AND post it there you have 2 shots to win a scrappy prize!!! I'll give more details tomorrow!!!

As for today - I am paying bills, working on my card for the sketch and then going grocery shopping I think. I was thinking some lunch sounded good but Rob and I are both fighting a cold - well, I think I am fighting and he is losing - so maybe we will just stay home other than run to pay the water bill and grab a few groceries.

Happy Scrappin' and make sure you check back tomorrow for the sketch!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's a girl to do...................

...............when she has no blasted internet!!! That's right, last night about 6:40 pm CST our internet went kapoot!!! My class started at 7 pm and went til 8 pm then my 2nd class from 9 pm to 10 pm and I missed them both!!! Our internet came back up about 5:30 pm CST today and so far so good but they were having trouble with the tower so who knows. Oh the joys of living in the country where the only internet you can get is wireless!!!

I did take advantage of my time by doing another layout. This layout is of Cait and Tyler, my BFF from high school's son who passed away just a few month after these pictures were taken. When she was visiting a couple weeks ago we were going through pics and when she saw the one of Tyler kissing Cait she blurted out Pumpkin Love - well, that is what I thought I should name it!!!


Other than that much of nothing going on. Spent the day annoying the husband and am off to cook hot wings for dinner!!! Have a great night!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

PS - I forgot to state this was inspired from a sketch at my weekly crop group - I feel so bad for not putting that here as the sketch Tonya provided was great inspiration!!!! 11/3/08

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Fun Layout

This layout was quite fun to do!!! I love to cut and add dimension so this one thrilled me. It took me forever to do though with all the cutting and stickling but I feel it was well worth it - what do you think??

Here are the papers before I started cutting on them:



Here is the finished layout:


And here are some close ups of some of the detail:





OK what looks green is really Crystal stickles that for some reason picked up the green hue when I took the pics. I tried several angles and the same each time.

Materials List:

Stickles = Crystal & Xmas Red
Gems = Prima
PP = Cherry Arte
Journaling Block = Teresa Collins
Heart = Grungeboard painted w/ MM White & Distressed w/Tim Holtz Fired Brick & Tea Dye Distressing Inks
Chain & Charm = Tim Holtz
Ribbon = Misc from Stash

I did finish another card but it won't be revealed until the 11/2 so be on the lookout for a card reveal on 11/2 for my DT assignment at Am I A Scrap Addict - Sketeches and then the other reveal on 11/22 for my guest DT for the month of November!!!

Off to work on another layout!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures From the Crop

Not much going on today. I'm really tired and trying to decide if I am fighting a cold or if it is just allergies. Most likely just allergies but trying to rest just in case.

Here are the pics from my first crop yesterday, wanted to get them posted in case the girls wanted to see them!!!

Nothing scrappy to show today!!!

Have a great evening and Happy Scrappin'!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


............is so much more fun in person!!! Today I attended my first crop away from home and had a blast!!! Good food, good socializin' and good inspiration. I didn't get much of nothing done but I had fun and that is what matters most. I did manage to get one card finished but it is for my guest DT spot in November so I can't share it quite yet!!!

I am about to head to bed - I'm exhausted!!! But, I will share another tag that I did for the swap at JS!!!!


Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Scrappin'!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


...........at it's best!!!

Well, I am in two swaps at Just Scrappin' - Christmas Recipe Swap and Altered Christmas Gift Tag Swap. Well they are both going on simultaneously and I got just a little bit confused........well, OK a lot confused. I was thinking the recipe swap was due on the 20th and the tags were due on the 31st - yeah, NO!!! I had it backwards - I even wrote it down on my dry erase board backwards!!! So, my recipe cards have been done and packaged up and on their way but my tags, well, I'm in the dog house and running behind.

So the recipe cards have been done and are on their way to Jenny to perform the swap nice and early but.........I am trying to finish up my tags!!! Aymee is going to kill me but hopefully she'll have mercy on me because I can come up with a TON of excuses and stressors that are going on right now!!!! So I tried finishing up the last 5 today so I could get them in the mail. Actually I tried to do them this evening because I spent today working on my expository essay for school. Of course it was after all the stores are closed when I realized my cutting pads for my Sizzix are just so worn out and totally unusable - they are leaving indents of previous cuts on my current cuts!!! GGGGRRRRR. I was sure I had another set so I went on the hunt - NOPE - I have another cutting platform but the pads didn't come with it - why would you sell a platform with no pads????? So, tomorrow I have to get up early and run to JoAnn's to pick up new pads so I can finish them.

I did want to give you a sneak peek though of 4 of them - these are my favs but I am thinking the last 5 I am working on will replace these but we'll see!!!


I have others finished but don't want to spoil all the surprises for my swap girls!!!

In other news........................

.................I've been asked to be a guest Card DT member at a site for the month of November. I am really excited and honored to get to do this!!! I am not sure if I can spill the beans just yet but as soon as I know when I can I will most def share!!!

I also was asked to write a few scrappy articles reviewing products or giving how to's on products to be published for a scrapbook store website. The best part - if they like my first article and they publish it I will get paid and then ask to contribute additional articles for pay!!! I guess my writing classes in college are going to pay off finally because the type of essay we are focusing on in this class is an expository essay which is just facts - no opinions - just cold, hard facts about the topic. I did have to complete my thesis today and am I feeling the pressure!!! I am a decent writer when I want to be but when I have rules and techniques that I must follow - well, I stress!!!

I believe that is all I have to show tonite!!! Have a great day and scrappy dreams!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mini Crop at Just Scrappin'

Tonite I've been indulging in a mini crop at my favorite scrapbooking site on the web. Yep, you know where that is and I still don't understand why you are not there playing with us!!! The 1 hour layout challenge is just about to come to an end but there are still 2 other challenges that can be completed by midnight tonight so get over to Just Scrappin' and find out what all the fuss is about!!!

So on to my challenge posts!!!

The first challenge was to incorporate cardboard into your layout in any manner. I decided to get outside my box and go distressed!!! I used my distresser on the pictures and on the papers and I got the sandpaper out after the cardboard. The pics are of my first Thanksgiving and the people are my grandparents in two of them and my Mom in the other trying to feed me.


The title on this page is oddly enough: Gobble Gobble

Materials List:

Materials List:

PP’s = Fiskars & MAMBI
Cricut Cart = Stretch Your Imagination & Alphalicious
Photo Turns = Paper Studio
Book Tag = Paper Studio
Small Flowers = Stash (Treasured Scrapbooking Kit so I don’t know MFG, wish I did)
Stickles = Cinnamon

The next challenge was the 1 hour layout challenge. A sketch was provided and we had, yes you guessed it, 1 hour to complete the challenge and get it uploaded.


The title is: I thought I saw a putty tat, Oh I did I did

This popped into my head when I found these pictures because in the first picture when Sylvester goes to put his hand on her shoulder she has the most indignant look like what the heck do you think you are doing on her face. It totally cracked me up and I just knew I had to do this title. Now as always I push myself because I only had an hour to get this done and the first 30 minutes were spent trying to put out some drama fire - you know who you are and it isn't working, get over it and move on!!! Sorry, but I had to say it. Anywho, I wasn't fond of this layout at first but it is growing on me the more I look at it.

Materials List:

CS = Bazzill
PP = Dream Street Papers Quilted Garden Diva's Stitch
Flowers = Green Heidi Swapp, Orange Prima, Pink Doodlebug Designs
Brad = From stash, not sure mfg.
Ribbon = From stash, not sure mfg.

The third challenge to complete by midnight is to make a card from a sketch provided or lift from a card provided or both. I am not sure if I will get these done tonite or not - I am gonna try but my head is killing me right now.

We had fun - hope you stop in and see what we are all about soon!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

Tuesday Musings

- Rob has a job interview tomorrow!!! Cross your fingers and send positive vibes!!!

- I was asked to do some writing for a company. I am thinking about giving it a try. Maybe all these writing classes I am having to take in school will pay off!!!

- Last night was the first night back to class in 2 weeks. Our new term is starting and the classes seem good. I was excited to get back into the swing of things. The last 2 weeks have been driving me crazy with nothing to focus on!!!

- We are doing a "mini crop" at Just Scrappin'. If you haven't stopped by yet what the heck are you waiting for???? We have a 1 hour layout challenge going on tonite and let me tell you - if I can do a 1 hour layout then ANYONE can. I procrastinate so much it is a miracle I get anything done!!!

- We found wireless internet for my Mom and Dad. We are just waiting for the site survey which should be done today. It is painful with that blasted dial up. My Mom got a new computer about a year and a half ago and she doesn't do hardly anything with it because it takes 10 minutes for a page to pull up. No, I'm not exagerating!!! LOL Remember when I was going back and forth from Austin to Red Oak working on getting things set up for our move and was trying to post work via dial up- OMG painful!!! So hopefully we get that going this week and get her into the wide world of internet. She loves to see my work but she only gets to see it when they visit because she can't bring up my blog. Hopefully she'll be able to start checking my blog and seeing more of it more often - and maybe it just might inspire her!!!

- I made a mini card. I'm not sure on this card but it just kind of fell together. I had the scraps of the Autumn Leaves paper and saw the rub-on (notice I've changed my spelling of this for you Cristal....muah - funny story behind this) of Autumn and thought it would look good on it. Then I grabbed my favorite stamps, yes you know what they are..............Pink Cat Studio stamps, and I colored QT Hooty to match the colors on the patterned papers. I inked a little and that was about it. Again, a cute little card but not sure if I really like it or not.


OK, off to work on the challenges at the mini crop going on .............. where was that at again??? Oh yeah, JUST SCRAPPIN' Seriously, what the heck are you people waiting on??? This site is full of fun and most importantly - WE HAVE NO DRAMA!!! And we don't tolerate anyone coming in trying to create drama!!! It is a laid back place where we enjoy each others company, talent and friendship.

Have a great day!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Long & Short Of It!!!

The weekend was a long time coming but way too short I tell ya!!! Rob and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday. It has been an amazing 6 years of wedded bliss!!! I can't wait til we hit the 60 year mark!!!

On Friday we were trying to figure out what to do for our anniversary on a budget. We decided we were going to just cook dinner together and have a family sit down dinner. On Saturday morning our plans were changed as my parents called and asked if we would come down for the weekend. They ended up taking us out to dinner at the local cafe - which by the way is no cafe, it is an awesome restaraunt!!! Everyone had the chicken fried steak except me and I had chicken fingers. It was a great dinner and I was so thankful for them for asking us down JUST to take us out. We had a great evening afterwards as well. Knowing my parents go to bed early we planned to go to the drive in down there. We went with some friends of mine and they chose the movies - remidn me to NOT let them do that again!!! LOL We saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua and WallE - BHC wasn't so bad but I was ready to shoot myself watching WallE!!! I really don't know what anyone saw in that movie - maybe it is just me and Rob and Cait and Dylan (LOL) - but it was the worst movie I've seen in a long time!!!

On Sunday we came back home and Rob was the sweetest thing ever!!! We usually go to fondue for our anniversary every year - I love it - but this year we had to scale back with all the changes in the last couple months. So we got home and I came to check in on my classes and he told me to stay in my room until he came to get me. He made me fondue!!! Yep, you read that right!!! Rob made ME fondue!!! Usually it is me making the fondue at home but he made the most awesome cheddar fondue I have ever had!!! I am not just saying that either - it was so delicious!!! I told him now I want HIM to make the fondue all the time!!! LOL

I did manage to finish up a layout last night. I based this layout on a sketch challenge at Just Scrappin'. The pictures used are not the best quality as I scanned them from old Polaroid shots. When I say old, yes, I mean old. The Polaroid shots are about 35 years old and of me!!! The lady in the one is my grandmother. These pics were taken when they gave me my first pancake to eat all by myself!!! It looks tasty and like I had some fun!!!


Materials List:

PP = Pink Paislee Pop Fashion Collection
CS = Bazzill
Felt Strip = Kaiser
Border Strip = Bazzill
Flowers = Prima
Brads = Heidi Swapp
Thickers = American Crafts
Stickles = Fruit Punch
Large Button = We R Memory Keepers

Tonite I have started my new term at school with taking another writing class - we all know how much I hate to write....LOL - and my Medical Terminology class. I hope to keep my 4.0 GPA going so lots of studying will be going on and most likely a little less scrappy time!!!

Class is just starting so I best get off here and get into class!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally, it's Friday!!!

Not like I have the busiest of schedules ya know, but there is just something about Fridays!!! The kids will be out of school for the weekend which always thrills me!!! I love hanging out with my kids. I know one day they aren't gonna want to hang out with "the parents" so I take advantage of it while I can.

This weekend is mine and Rob's 6th wedding anniversary. Granted we've been together a little over 9 years but we finally tied the knot 6 years ago as of the 19th. It has been a great and rewarding although sometimes adventurous 6 years but I wouldn't trade it for anything!! He is my true love, soul mate and man of my dreams - yeah, mushy I know but it's true!!!

Last night I finished up all the recipes cards for the swap at Just Scrappin'. You can see the sample one from a post a few days ago here. My original intentions were to use this darling QuicKutz penguin die I had but his belly wasn't big enough for the recipe so I switched out to the build a snowman from Stampendous. I like how they turned out - sure hope my swap group does as well!!!

I had a card featured with a couple ladies yesterday over at the Pink Cat Studios Blog which naturally thrilled me to death. Then this morning I woke up to yet ANOTHER card posted!!! It is one of my fav in a while and was made with my sister in law in mind because she is a Halloween baby!!! I wonder if she gets tired of the Halloween/birthday cards each year???

Last year I made her this one:


The front of the cauldron says: "Witchin' You a.........." And then inside of course it says "Happy Birthday"

I think our weekend is gonna be pretty calm as we have NO plans for once!!! I was supposed to go to a crop tonite but just don't feel up to it so I am cancelling. Maybe in a couple weeks but I'm really tired today and not feeling myself. Hopefully after a nap this afternoon I will feel a little better and we can play some Rock Band or Guitar Hero this evening and through the weekend.

I do have a couple projects on my list that I want to tackle scrap wise. I need to finish up my tags for a swap I am in and then finish up Dylan's 16th birthday LO and do some Christmas cards for the challenges over at Christmas Cards All Year Round - if you haven't checked it out you should. Some great inspiration for getting your cards ready for the holidays!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's that time..........

................for our DT card reveals at Am I A Scrap Addict - Sketches. As always, the team has shown their amazing talent with everything done!! I am always so inspired to scrap right after a layout and card reveal!!! Please make sure you stop by and check out everyone's work and leave some love!!!

Here is my card:


Based on Deanne's sketch:


If you look close you can see that her eyes are really the little googlie eyes. I double stamped the image and cut out the glasses to place over top of them so there is a little movement when the card is moved. One of my favorite things to do is double stamp and layer and adding these googlie eyes just made me giddy!!! LOL

Here is my materials list for this card:

CS = Bazzill
PP = Autumn Leaves
Image = Pink Cat Studios
Ink = StazOn Timber Brown
Die Cut & Embossing Folder = Cuttlebug
Stickles = Mint Ice
Flowers = Prima
Pearls = Mark Richards
Googlie Eyes = Misc Stash
Copics = Y02, BG23, RV11, E25, YG11

Last reveal I offered up a blog RAK to anyone who used Deanne's sketch as inspiration and posted the link here and on her blog. I didn't get much response from that - well, no response to be honest - so I thought I'd give it a shot one more time. If you like to make cards then take a few minutes and whip one up using her fabulous sketch here and I'll put everyone's name that links it here and to the Am I A Scrap Addict - Sketches post of our reveal into random.org for a little scrappy prize!!!

I have some errands to do today and then I hope when I get home I can get scrap happy - my head is just flowing with ideas after the last 2 days of releases so I need to put them into action or they'll be lost forever!!! LOL

Have a great day!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!!

PS Elf Creations had a yummy blog candy going on through this Friday!!! Stop off and enter!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today was not...................

...................a scrappy day!!! I didn't accomplish anything scrap wise today and that really torques me off!!! I had so many things I wanted to get done but the ambition to do them was not there.

The morning started off in the wee hours with the cat deciding that she needed to BITE my toes and crawl into my sleeping shorts - right in the crotch!!! LOL

Tomorrow is the reveal from our DT sketch. Make sure you check out Am I A Scrap Addict - Sketches to see my card!!! The blinkie is in the sidebar over there and of course I'll post it here too!!!

Oh goodness, I forgot to post it here but that darn cat!!! Night before last I heard her behind me and turned around to see if she was ready to hop from the cubbies to my shoulder like usual. I was actually trying to avoid the claws in the shoulder for her to catch her balance as she landed. Well, she wasn't at the normal level for when she does that - she was all the way at the top!!! She looked over at me and meow'd then started crawling my way. Well, I grabbed the camera and caught her doing this:


You would think that would be enough right - NOT. When I snapped the picture it startled her and she jumped - yes, jumped from the sound and went flying backwards. I heard a KATHUMP shortly after and then she high tailed it through the bedroom and out the door!!! I was laughing so hard Rob had to come find out what the heck was going on!!!! Needless to say she hasn't climbed the cubbies in the last 2 days - I'm waiting to see how long before she ventures out on them again.......LOL

Have a great night and watch for the card reveal tomorrow!!! Of course you can go check out the site tonite and see what the layout ladies did with Deanne's sketch - fabulous work I tell you!!!

Happy Scrappin!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ever had one of those days, or couple days, that you are just so darn tired you can hardly think straight??? The last two days have been that way for me. It is 9 pm here and I am ready to crawl into bed - totally unusual for me.

Today I took my Mom to the doc for some more tests. Lots of driving - I think last look at the odomoter was around 250 miles today!!! It is OK though, she needs to get some things taken care of and if it takes me driving her around to do it then so be it.

I managed to make an image holder tonite though. I filled it with stamped images for a sweet blogging friend of mine who, before our move, sent me a lovely package of images from stamps that I do not own!!! With the move things were so hectic that I put it on the back burner and well, I procrastinate a lot so am just now finishing it up and getting it ready to go postal. Here it is:



Materials List:

CS = Misc from Stash
PP = Autum Leaves
Ribbon = Offray
Image/Sentiment = Pink Cat Studios
Copics = E53, E25, YG11, RV34, Y02, C5
Brads = Heidi Swapp

Thanks for stopping by and have a good evening. I think I am going to call it a night!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not much..............

...................to show today. I spent part of the day with a dear friend of mine catching up on things that have been going on in our lives. It was nice to sit and chat.

The kids were out of school so the other part of the day we hung out and did much of nothing!!!

Tuesday will be a busy day for me. I have to take my Mom to the hospital for some tests to be run. I hate driving in Dallas but since my Dad got sent out of town on business I am the only one who can take her - trust me, Dallas does NOT need my Mom trying to drive around up there!!! LOL

I am finishing up the recipe cards for a swap over at Just Scrappin'. These are so much fun to make but I've had to rework them a couple times to find the right image to hold the recipe. I think I have it right this time and will be cranking them out this week!!!

Tell me what you think:


I used Diamond Dust for the snow effect on the "ground" - yeah, I know the ground isn't pink but this is my world so it can be whatever color I want..........LOL. I tried flocking (get your mind out of the gutter), T!m Holtz Distressing Crackle Paint and glitter and the Diamond Dust seems to work the best. What do you think??

OK, off to bed. Have to get up early to head down to pick up my Mom, drive to Dallas, drive her back home then drive myself back to Springtown.

Happy Scrappin'!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

High Hopes

...................is what I got in winning some new stamps. Tonite while surfing the blogging world I found the High Hopes Stamps blog. The stamps are so adorable and the Diva's work is just amazing. Needless to say when I saw blog candy being given away I had to find the blog that was hosting and put my name in at a chance to win some of these darling stamps!!! Now, I am not going to give it away to you as you still have a little time to enter, but let me tell you the Diva hosting has some absolutely amazing cards on her blog!!!

Make sure you check out the High Hopes Stamps blog and the High Hopes Stamps store - check those peeking Santas out, I am thinking those are gonna be a must have for me in the near future!!!!

OK, exhaustion has set in after a busy week this past week so I am thinking I need to get some rest. A friend of mine and her daughter are coming to visit tomorrow so I better get to sleep now or else I'll be dragging butt tomorrow!!!

Have a great night and Happy Scrappin'!!!

Happy 16th Birthday Dylan

Well, it is hard to believe that our little boy is 16!!! I have been in his life for the last 9 years and he has grown up so fast!!! I am so proud of the young man he is growing into!!!

So, today is officially his 16th birthday!!! We had his party last night and cooked up some good grub!!! He wanted something grilled so we threw some fajita meat on the grill, I made homemade Spanish rice, queso and salsa for his dinner. After dinner and clean up we opened presents. Rob and I got him a new amplifier for his guitar which he really wanted. His grandparents got him: A new watch/gift card (Davis' - my parents), Money (Brooks' - Rob's parents), A gift card (Shanks' - Marni's parents - Marni is his birth Mom). Overall he had a great birthday and we've spent the weekend kind of relaxing, playing a little Guitar Hero & Rockband and he & his Dad have been messing with his amp and guitar.

Here are some pics from this weekend:

Happy birthday baby!!! We love you so much and are so proud of you!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Thanks for spending some birthday time with us!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tim Holtz.......................

....................is freaking adorable!!! He is so nice, hilarious and inspirational let me tell you!!! Today Cait and I were the 3rd/4th people through the doors at the grand opening of the Michael's in Hurst to meet Tim!!! Watching him demo the products really opened my eyes at how easy some of the things I've shyed away from all these years really is!!! Like grungeboard - oh goodness is my head flowing with ideas!! I have had 3 packs of this since it came out and I've used it once, maybe twice because I would just sit and stare at it hoping it would jump up and tell me what to do!!! Well, now I know what to do with it and HOW!!!! If you EVER get the chance to meet Tim please make sure you do. I drove about 40 miles or so and it was so worth it!!! Here are some pics!!!!

Me, Tim and Cait:


Tim demo'ng stuff:







And the make/take that I did and had Tim sign the back of since I had to go earlier than I wanted:



AND...........................I met a wonderful, sweet lady named Val. She is a friend of Melissa/Ziggy over at Just Scrappin' and she said her friend was going to see Tim so we met up!!! She is just so sweet and adorable!!! Here is a pic of her and I!!!


What a great day so far and it is only getting going!!! I am getting ready to head off to the kitchen to finish up our sons birthday cake. He will be a whopping 16 years old tomorrow and it is hard to believe!!!!

Oh, before I go!!! I meant to post this yesterday. My friend Lori showed me an ad in one of the scrappy magazines of some Japanese lanterns made using some of the felt Doodlebug papers. I thought they were adorable and wanted to try to recreate them. Now, I made this first one with no instructions - strictly winging it - so it isn't real great. I plan on doing another and learning from some of the things that didn't work out right on the first one. Yeah, I know I could prolly go find a tutorial on them but it was more fun working by trial and error!!! LOL

Here is the lantern:



Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just A Card

That is all I have to show today!!! I didn't get to finish up all the challenges from the crop this past week in time for prizes but I'm gonna work on getting them done this next week. So, here is the card I did yesterday:


Isn't he just adorable!!!

My Mom is up visiting. My Dad went fishing so I drove down and picked her up so she didn't have to stay alone plus with our son's 16th birthday this weekend she wanted to be here. My Dad will be arriving late tomorrow night after he gets back in town from fishing. We have lots planned to get done but most of it involves shopping - groceries, birthday cake and Mom needs to go get Dyl's gift. She, like the rest of us, was really at a loss at what to get him so I threw out a couple ideas of things he has been asking for and she is going to go with that. I also gotta finish up his scrappy page for his birthday and have it ready and get his card made - both things I can do in an afternoon.

So that is my excitement for the weekend. What about you? Anything special or fun planned? Any scrappy projects underway that you will finish up? Show me what you get done, I love to check out others work for inspiration!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday

Well, 15 years later I finally get to scrappin' Cait's first birthday!!! LOL I'm just a little behind but hey, I don't scrap in chronological order - heck I don't scrap in any type of order so better late than never. I did the layout as another challenge from the crop that is winding down over at Just Scrappin'. This layout is doing double duty - something I hate to do - for Ashley's sketch challenge and Tracy's bling challenge.

Thanks for looking!!!


Off to work on a couple more layouts and see if I can get them done tonite. If not I will still finish them up but just won't be eligible for any prizes which is OK by me, I just like the inspiration to scrap too!!!

I also gotta get a cake figured out for Dyl's birthday this weekend, his scrapbook page made for it and find that darn recipe for margarita pie - the boy said forget the birthday cake (which I am refusing to forget the birthday cake) just give him margarita pie and he'll be happy!!! What a silly boy!!! He has grown up so much in the last couple years that the 9 years that I have been in his life have been kind of a blur!!! I am just so darn proud of the young man he has become and I am very blessed to have him as a son.

I'll make sure I share pictures early next week!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1 Hour Layout

Tonite at Just Scrappin' we had our first ever 1 hour layout challenge!!! Cristal posted an awesome sketch and we had 1 hour to work from it and get up loaded to have a chance at winning a scrappy prize. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I procrastinate for at least an hour before I ever start scrapping typically - not tonite!!! I finished a LO in 58 minutes flat and had it uploaded within 5 minutes after that - how cool is that??? So from now on when I sit down to scrap I am gonna grab me a sketch, set the timer and go!!!!

The layout I created was using Cosmo Cricket patterned papers and Bazzill cardstock along with buttons from my stash. I used a lot of pop dots to give a little dimension and believe it or not, that is it!!! No flowers, no ribbon, no stickles, no gems - paper, buttons and cardstock!!!! Oh yeah, remind me next time I do a 1 hour challenge to NOT choose to hand cut so much stuff!!! LOL

Here is my layout:


The journaling reads:

I absolutely love this picture of you two!! You were such great friends even at such a young age. I know memories of Tyler have faded since then but I sure miss the little guy! I know for a long time after he left us you still ran around calling out for him!!!

Then in the little cog looking thing is says Caitlin & Tyler, June 1993.

A little history about this picture:

Tyler was one of my best friends from high school's (Julie) son. He was born in August of 1991 and Cait was born in Feb of 1992 - they were 6 months apart in age but you would have never guessed it by the way they acted. They were the best of buddies - even at such a young age they were very close. Tyler was Cait's best friend and her protector - you didn't get near her without him next to her to make sure she was OK. In this picture Julie and Tyler had come out for my birthday in June of 1993, just a month before Tyler's baby sister Shelby was born. Tyler was bound and determined to give Cait smooches and as girls go, she was trying to be coy with him!!! LOL In August of 1993 Tyler turned 2 and then tragically in December of 1993 we lost him in a drowning accident at the babysitter's house. Caitlin and Tyler were so close that for months after his passing she would run around calling out for him and she even freaked my Mom and I out one night by sitting in her room and having an argument over their favorite (the red big bird wind up radio) toy with "him" while no one but her was in the room. As of today Cait and Shel are friends and if Ty were still around he'd be the protector for both of them!!!!

On a much brighter note, I finished the inspire me challenge posted by Sandra. She wanted us to alter a notebook or something that we could use for inspiration. In my attempts to be more organized this year I decided to make a holiday planner . I have everything mapped out to finish it up except the stamp block I have is too small for the calendar stamp I want to use. I think I have found a solution but won't work with it til tomorrow or next week when I have the house to myself again!!! I think I am going to try a CD case and hopefully that will work - if not, off to Hobby Lobby or Michael's to get one of the larger clear blocks. Anywho, in my planner I am going to have sections for Christmas cards/addresses, menus/recipes, etc. I will share it when I finish it but til then, here is a picture of the binder I made. I didn't put a year on the front as I had originally planned as I am thinking about laminating the pages and using dry erase markers to put the days on the calendars and check off the things in lists and then erase and reuse next year!!!


Thanks for stopping by and hope your week is going well. I'm out of here for the night as I think I caught a stomach bug yesterday as I have been very sick since last night. I need to get some rest because our son will be turning the big 16 this weekend and I have a birthday cake to make (he requested a margarita pie tonite so maybe I'll spoil him and make that too) and I still have birthday shopping to do. At 16 it is hard to figure out what to buy him. Our kids are very blessed and have most of what they could ever ask for - with the exception of a car and yeah, think again.....LOL.

Happy Scrappin'!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


I was in the 2nd grade and my teacher was Mrs. Hyter - she was fabulous!!!  I often wonder what she is doing today!!!  So, why do I bring this up???  Well, one of the challenges at JS is to scrap something from the 80's.  I actually wanted to scrap my prom picture from 89 but with the move I can't seem to find the box with that picture right yet - I think I know where it is and will have to look tomorrow and maybe do another layout with it.

Here's my LO:


Materials List:

PP = Pink Paislee
CS = Prism
Flowers = Prima
Brads = HOTP
Gem Flourishes = Prima
#'s = Thickers by American Crafts
Thanks for looking!!!  Happy Scrappin'

PS  I'm on the bottom row, third from the right!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I managed to get one................

.........................thing done this weekend!!! My intetnions were to get lots accomplished scrappy wise but yeah, that didn't happen!!!! But, I did manage to finish this one layout today for the crop over at Just Scrappin' by using a sketch challenge posted by Becky Fleck over at the PageMaps blog. The challenge at JS was to scrap a LO using a page from a book/magazine. I thought about this one for a while and didn't really have any books that I would want to tear a page out of and then the thought of ripping a page out of one of my scrappy magazines sent shudders through me (ROFL). I did remember having some old cookbooks that I know I have not used in close to 10 years that I bought at the dollar store years ago and realized that the pictures of the recent baking of friendship bread would go great with a page from a recipe book. I'm not overly thrilled with this page but it is growing on me. It is really simple - I kept trying to put more into it but nothing felt right so I decided to just leave it alone. Here are a few pics - the first two were with the help of my wonderful scrappy advisor Ms. Snow - for some reason she thinks as soon as the photo box comes out she is supposed to jump in it!!!




Materials List:

CS = Prism
PP, Brackets, Journaling Box = SEI
Jewel Brads = Paper Studio
From the Kitchen of Stamp = Stampendous
Ribbon = Misc From Stash
Flowers = Prima

Thanks for stoppin' by!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy World Cardmaking Day!!!

It's that time of year!!! Time to get off your duff and get some cards going everyone!!! Today is the official first day of cardmaking for the holiday season - have you got it in you????

Check out the site World Cardmaking Day for history on this day, inspiration and all kinds of fun stuff!!!

Also come on over to Just Scrappin' - our crop is winding dow with the final challenges to be posted tomorrow but you have until Wednesday to get them all completed and uploaded for a chance to win some yummy scrappy goodness!!! Also, Tuesday evening at 7 pm CST the owner of our site, Cristal, will be hosting a 1 Hour Layout Contest!!! Now, I have never participated in a contest like this and am time challenged when it comes to layouts but I'm gonna be in there giving it my best shot - wanna join me???

Well, I am off for a bit. We have some errands to run and when I get home I am burying myself in my scrappy room!!! I have several challenges to still complete at Just Scrappin' and cards to start making!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Friday!!!!

OK for some Friday is an exciting thing, for me, it is everday life in our household since I'm not working right now. I have to admit I am loving this SAHM stuff!!!

Well, as of this week I have finished my first term of school!!! YAY!!! Go me!!! As of right now I have a 4.0 GPA but my final for Med Law has not been recorded in the gradebook so that is still up in the air. I know I missed 7 out of 200 on that final so I am just waiting patiently to get the final grade!!! OK, not so patient but I can't make it happen any faster............LOL

So today is my day at Just Scrappin' to host a challenge. Since people don't seem to scrap themselves as often as they scrap everything else, I decided my challenge would be a ME challenge. So, if you need to do a ME page or just want to stop by and see what is going on please do so!!! We have quite a few challenges going on right now and you have until Wednesday the 8th to finish them all and upload - well, except for the 1 hour challenge on Tuesday and then you have, well, 1 hour!!! LOL

On to my challenge:

I want you to start out by making a list of the 5 things you like the LEAST about yourself or the 5 things you like the MOST about yourself or a combo of the two!!! Then, I want you to scrap your list in any fashion you see fit as long as you use ONLY one picture and that picture must be of YOURSELF!!!

Now I know this might be a difficult challenge for everyone – it was for me – but all I ask is that you give it a try. The only stipulation for this challenge is that you include 5 things you like the least, 5 things you like the most or a combo of the 2 AND the only one picture on the page is of you– that is it!!!

The prize for this challenge will be a K&Co. Accordion Book Kit (over 225 pieces in it) AND some of the sticker stash I cleaned out!!! Plus whatever else I may throw in there as I have a good box of stuff I’m working on purging!!!

My page is titled:

5 Things About Me

The tags say:

I love that I’m very trusting and forgiving – but I hate this too. I seem to get hurt a lot!!

I hate that I faint at the sight of my own blood or a needle!!

I love my addictive personality when it comes to some things but it sure is a curse for other things!!!

I hate that I scream and run like a girl when I see a mouse!!

I love that I can be happy no matter where I am at as long as I have my family!!

And now for my LO:


Oh, wanna know about the picture??? I tried something different and printed it onto Bazzill textured cardstock – I really like the effect!!!

Materials List:

CS = Bazzill
PP = Cherry Arte
Overlay = Hambly
Ribbon = Misc From Stash
Flowers = American Crafts, Fancy Pants
Rub-on = Cherry Arte
Tags = K&Co. covered with Bazzill CS
Thickers = American Crafts

If you join in on this challenge outside of the site link back here with your creation and I'll send out a little prize to one lucky poster!!!

Off to play and scrap today!!! Happy Scrappin' ya'll!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picking Christmas Flowers

This LO was done for a challenge over at Just Scrappin' during our Fall into Croppin' Crop going on right now through next Wednesday the 8th!!! Make sure you stop by and join in on the fun. We have tons of fabulous challenges going on, games and amazing prizes being given away!!!

This picture was taken last year right before Christmas when we did the River of Lights in Bastrop, TX.

Materials List:

PP=Basic Grey
Flowers=Bazzill, Prima & Misc From Stash
Brads=Paper Studio
Ribbon=Misc From Stash
White Pen for Stitching=UniBall Signo
Stickles=Christmas Red

Thanks for looking!!!


Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrappin'!!!!

Card Reveal

OK, my DT card for October 2nd has been revealed!!!

You can check out the sketches along with my card and the rest of the DT at Am I A Scrap Addict - Sketches right now!!! I was assigned the 2nd sketch so scroll down just a little and I am the first card posted!!!!

If you use either of these sketches and link it back to the post at Am I A Scrap Addict - Sketches AND to this post on my blog by 10/15 (the next reveal is on 10/16) I will put your name in the hat for a RAK of a Cosmo Cricket Blackboard Book. I will post a picture of the one I have up for grabs in a bit!!!

PS When you link back to the post at AM I A SCRAP ADDICT - SKETCHES make sure you mention that you are posting in response to a RAK challenge I posted if you don't mind.

I will post my card here later when I post the RAK prize!!!

Happy Scrappin!!!


Here is a photo of the card:


And here is a pic of the blog prize I am giving away!!!!


Of course the one up for grabs is unopened!!! The album comes with 6 pages and one ring to secure them with!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Under Construction

Forgive the mess but the blog is under construction. I'm looking for a new and fresh look so I'm trying out several options and building templates by borrowing from here and there. My favorite place though to use for my backgrounds is The Cutest Blog on the Block.

So, for a short time things will probably change a bit but all will settle down soon!!! If you see a fav let me know - I might come back to it!!!


Just to cover all bases...................

I am not the best scrapper out there. I don't claim to be totally original, I lift from many places and in many forms from color combinations, to product usage, to technique and so forth. I try to be fair to all scrappers out there and mention them when I lift from them - now keep in mind, there are so many people out there scrapping, card making and altering items that naturally more than one person will have similar ideas. When I mention lifting, or casing as some call it, I mean when you intentionally take a design you see and duplicate it exactly or only change up the coloring........KWIM???

With that said..........

All content, including text, photographs, and concept design elements are © Karen Brooks unless otherwise noted. Content within this blog is shared for personal, non-commercial use and inspiration only and shall not be used for personal gain or entry into contests or for publication. That wouldn’t be very nice now would it???

Thanks and happy scrappin'!!!!