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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tag Swap

Aymee and Marlene are hosting a holiday tag swap over at JS. Sounded like so much fun so you know I had to join in. I haven't committed to a number of tags quite yet with out upcoming move and me starting back to college tomorrow, but I did start working on them. The first one isn't so great, I was trying to get the feel for it but the 2nd and 3rd came out a bit better. I did the back of the tags the same so I'll only show one pic of that!!!

First Tag:


Second Tag:


I really love that fabric tag - I have no clue where I got it but it was in my stash screaming to be used!!! LOL

Third Tag:


And the back of all 3 tags:


I'm thinking I will work on them more this weekend and see how many I can get cranked out. Luckily they don't have to be postal til October so I have some time - plus I am thinking I want to make a bunch for our gifts here!!!

There is a new challenge over at JS posted - two actually. You have a chance to win a fabulous card kit from Kelly at Keep In Touch. You should check us and jump in to play and have a chance at winning one of the two fab kits Kelly sponsored!!!

Well, I'm going home this weekend. I need to make arrangements for utilities, internet which is crucial to my online classes (thank goodness I chose to do online classes and not campus classes) and a few other details. We finally made the decision to just move back home when our owner finally sells all his properties in Texas at the end of August. It was a hard decision to make because there are so many "if" and "could be" and "maybe" things dangling in the air but I have to do something soon because my kids start school soon and I really do not want to put them in school here in Austin for 2 weeks to pull them out and toss them into a different school.

Well I need to get working on my card for one of the new challenges to try and win myself a yummy kit - the challenge isn't due til Tuesday but I will be gone from Friday to Tuesday and my first class is tomorrow and my 2nd class Thursday. I have a full week not to mention the fact that I need to figure out what scrappy crap I want to take with me to work on - might be able to finally get my Mom to make that first cut!!!

Happy Scrappin' all............over and out ya'll.....................


Monday, July 28, 2008

My First Blog Award

...............how cool is that??? I've seen blog awards before but never thought anyone would be so sweet to give me one!!!!

I want to thank my new blogging friend Nicky for giving me this award - I was really shocked and honored!!!!


So, time for me to PIF (pay it forward) the blog award. The rules are as follows:

1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.

This is going to be difficult for me to narrow it down to just 5 people but I will do my best. If I didn't choose you please don't be offended, I visit lots of blogs and I love everyone that I visit and try to comment to let them know how much I love their work. This award is basically a way of saying thank you to those who take the time to visit me each day and comment on my work - everyone loves an ego boost once in a while!!!!

My choices, in no particular order are:

1. Caitlin - My daughter, blogging buddy, scrappy buddy and BFF!!! I love you so much baby girl and thank God every day for blessing me with you. I am also thankful that we are able to be so close to each other. You are an inspiration to me and I love watching you grow creatively!!! (She was also nominated by Nicky but I couldn't leave her out!!!)

2. Cristal - I've known Cristal, aka Pinky, for about 8 months now. I have been blessed by her friendship and have learned a lot from her, especially self acceptance. Cristal is a newer scrappy artist but I've been given the honor of watching her grow into a FABULOUS scrapper!!!

3. Lori - Wow, what can I say about Lori. She is my best friend and has been for over 15 years. We have been through so much including 2 tattoo's together, many a break up with boyfriends, being single mom's raising kids who were 2 months apart in age, ice skating in the parking lot with me to fall and bust my head up to nights out drinking, partying and dancing (when we were younger of course). Lori is the one who introduced me to this whole online scrapping world - I could thank her or curse her for that!!!!

4. Ruby - I don't know Ms. Ruby all too well but my daughter and her, along with 3 other young ladies won the Adornit Teen Chix blog challenge this past March. I've watched Ruby and Cait chat a bit and share work and inspire each other. I love the fact that these young girls are starting out so young and have so much talent already. I predict some great changes in the scrappy world as they become adults and pursue their passion in scrapping!!! I love looking at Ruby's blog as she always has pictures popping up - family, crafty, everything.

5. Melissa w/Pink Cat Studio Stamps - Ha Ha, I get in so much trouble here. Melissa is the coolest stamp artist I know right now. When she releases stamps I go nutts til I can get my hands on them!!! She is so friendly and positive and creative. Her stamps are not only fabulous designs, they are top quality for long term stampability!!!! Her blog is always full of inspiration, happy posts and her DT, well they really showcase her stamps!!!! To top it all off, she offers the quickest shipping I've seen and her customer service is just top notch!!!

This was a hard choice for me - I had to narrow it down when I'd love to have listed 20 or more blogs for this. Thanks to everyone who I visit for the inspiration you provide - you are all amazing people!!!

Now, on to what I'm working on. My friends Aymee and Ashely over at JS made rolodex's that have their sketches in them, tips and tricks and more. Aymee showed hers in our forums and wow, it is amazing. So I am trying my hand at altering a rolodex to include names/addresses/birthdays/anniversaries/etc along with scrappy stuff like sketches. With the upcoming move my internet access may be limited and if that is the case I am going to need something at my fingertips for those times I get creative block!!!

Here is a pic of the front of it so far - I am thinking it needs a bit more but I do like it so far. Notice the kitty, remember my #5 nomination up there??? This is Crafty Kitty from PCS - isn't she just freaking adorable???


And here is a pic of the only other divider I've completed - I've been cutting out the sketches and putting them on cards so I'm not progressing with the altering of the rolodex quite as fast!!! LOL


That is it for today. If you are looking for some cool blog candy stop by Cristal's blog (#2 up there). She is offering up some rain dots and stamps as blog candy - all you gotta do is visit the Keep In Touch blog and leave a comment that Just Scrappin, Cristal or Karen from Just Scrappin sent ya then comment on her blog and you could win!!! You don't have long for this blog candy so get to blog hopping!!!!

I'm out now - gonna work on my rolodex some more, may take a nap and may stress a little more about our upcoming move that I am totally unprepared for not to mention my first college class starts Wednesday night so I am nervous about that!!!!

Happy Scrappin' and over & out ya'll......................


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sruprise a Friend Challenge

How many times have we thought about sending something to someone out of the blue just to cheer them up and get sidetracked and not get it done??? For me, ALL THE TIME!!!! I have so many things that I want to send to people (and shoot me if you want to, prizes that need to STILL be mailed) but I get to doing other things and well, they don't make it back to the top of the priority list for a week or so.

Well, Cristal at JS challenged us to surprise a friend. It doesn't take much to let someone know you are thinking of them and they are special. We all love to feel special right??? I chose a young lady on our board who is just that, a young lady. She is 16 and the daughter of one of my fellow scrappers. I love to see her work because you can tell from her LO's that she has fun with what she has done. So, I chose Ms. Ally!!!

Here is what I made for her:


I used some older Crate Paper I had stashed and had been hoarding away for something special!!! Her mom told me she loves the color purple and thought the purple on this paper and the ribbon were just gorgeous!!!! You can't tell it from the picture but I painted the spine with Making Memories Amethyst shimmery paint. The flowers are from Bazzill and the brad is Paper Studio.

I still have a few more things to make to send out so hopefully Saturday morning (Monday at the latest) I can get to the post office and mail off, oh, I think, um 5 packages!!! No, when I finish the other 2 things I'm making that will make 7 packages - see, I told you I was horrible with remembering to mail stuff off!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!!!

Over and out ya'll....................


The Flip Side

So, round 3 at JS created the LO show in the last post. Since I made the LO on a piece of cardboard it was a very tight squeeze in the page protector. As I flipped the page in my album I didn't like the idea of having a cardboard blank page staring across from another LO so I decided to do another LO on the back of the cardboard. I had intended to frilly this one up with ribbons and flowers and gems and all kinds of stuff but yeah, I had to NOT do that. I got to looking at it as I pulled it out of the page protector and I wasn't sure it would fit back IN if I did. So, I decided to keep it simple. I put pictures surrounding the events of the journaling on the front side on the back using coordinating Imaginisce papers and some ribbon out of my stash. I like that I can now flip the LO over and have a few pics to remember what we did.

Thanks for looking!!!


Happy Scrappin'!!!!

Over and out ya'll........................


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

JS Round 3 of the Sponsored Monthly Contest

Round 3 is finally here and I just finished up my submission this morning. Kelly with Keep In Touch sponsored our contest this month. Each round has consisted of a challenge to make us think a little outside the box. Certain limitations and requirements for each LO and such - you know, a typical challenge.....LOL. Sometimes I wonder about myself, I can be such an airhead!!! LOL

Anywho, round 3 had the requirements that you must use cardboard, paint, no pictures and NO flowers...........the flowers I think were the hardest part for me!!!

So, after much deliberation and turmoil I finally finished.

I started out with the intentions of doing my bucket list. I got to thinking that so many people have done their bucket lists - it wasn't for me for this challenge.

Then, I was going to do my tribute to Texas - my home state. I had it all sketched out and was going to use my Cricut cartridges to cut out bluebonnets (yeah, flowers duh it hit me as I started working on it......DOH), pecan tree, mockingbird, jalapenos, etc........you get the idea right???? So once my genius brain realized that the bluebonnet was a flower (yeah I am just that slow at times) I decided not for this challenge.

So, while laying in bed last night I had an epiphany (I guess you'd call it that....LOL). I decided that this summer, being one of the most memorable summers with my family that I've had in a few years, was what I should scrap about. This summer just seemed so much more special for some reason - not that every day I spend with my family isn't special, but this summer, I don't know, I just can't describe it.

So, this morning I found me a piece of cardboard - was too big so I had to cut it down and then paint it, as seen here:


And then I started writing - the hardest part for me on any layout is the journaling so this was a huge step!!! Then it just fell together. I have to admit, I kept reaching for the darn flowers to layer onto this baby!!! I resorted to gems and stickles to get my pretty on - I still think it so needs some flowers on it somewhere but for now, it will go into the album if it will fit into a page protector, as is. I do not feel this is one of my better LO's but I do kind of like it - as I sit and look at it laying on my desk it is growing on me.


Paints = Making Memories
PP & Chipboard Products = Imaginisce
Glitter Glue = Stickles
Gems = Hero Arts & Junkitz Salsa Collection

Thanks for looking and Cristal, thanks for once again getting me outside my box. Journaling this much was good for me - I might even do it more often!!! LOL

Oh and here is my journaling:

What a summer to remember!!!

My kids finished their first year of high school. This alone was a scary ordeal for me as a Mom. I so dreaded putting them back into public school but am really thankful that we did. They took to it like they had never been out of public school. Cait made straight A’s and Dylan was A’s and B’s for the most part. They both rec’d several awards for the school year which made me such a proud Mommy!!!!

I can not believe how fast my kids are growing up – before I know it they will be out of high school and living their own lives and starting families!!!! This summer was one of the most memorable summers with my kids – I really feel a strong bond with them and am fortunate because most parents are going nutts worrying about their kids at this age and I’m getting to enjoy them.

Our nephews came to visit for a couple weeks. Enjoyed spending time with them. They are growing so fast. Didn’t get to take them to do as much as we planned because their visit was cut short but the time we did get was memorable.

We found out that by the end of the summer we’d no longer have a job or home. SUCK!!! The owner of our company decided to sell out of this branch of his business which leaves us high and dry. We have been soul searching to figure out what direction we want to go with our lives. Rob worked full time, seasonal for the IRS this year and they have quite a few openings right now listed so he is applying for them. Only setback right now is we don’t know where he will get assigned so we can’t even house/apartment hunt until the time to go gets here. We are sticking it out with our current owner just in case things fall through – plus he asked us to please do so and offered an incentive bonus to help him out.

My Mom and Dad came down and we headed to Kinder, LA. We took a bus trip down to the Coushatta Resort and Casino and had a fabulous weekend. The highlight of the trip for me was seeing the Legends concert. Rob and I saw one when we honeymooned in Vegas and I loved it – this one was just as fabulous!!! My Mom and Dad just loved it as well. Other than the AC not working too well on the trip down and part way back it was fabulous!!!!

My friend Jennifer and her family came to visit from Connecticut. We took the whole gang (9 in her group and 4 in ours) to Schlitterbahn. Wow, how much fun we had. Jenn and I spent the majority of the day at the kiddie pool with Jacob, her 3 year old. We had a lot of time to catch up on the past and what we’ve missed out in each other’s lives since high school. It was harder to see her leave than I imagined – I miss her so and love her dearly – I so wish we lived closer to each other!!!!

We traded in the family truckster (the mini van) for a Pontiac Torrent and boy oh boy is that thing sweet!!! It definitely rides better than the van did and is much more sporty – I don’t feel like an old gramma driving it anymore!!!

Road trip!!! Need I say more!!! New car and time to check out some local stuff!!! We headed out of Austin and hit many little towns along the way - I can not remember them all but will give it a shot!!! (sung to the tune of I've Been Everywhere Man) We've been to Dripping Springs, Pedernales State Park, Johnson City, LBJ National Park, Stonewall, Luckenbach, Cain City, Fredricksburg, Kerrville, Medina, Bandera, Pipe Creek, Boerne, Bergheim, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Buda and back to Austin!!!!

As summer comes to an end we are starting to purge the house of unnecessary things to make our move to wherever we go easier than lugging around all this useless crap we have around here!!!

That is about it so far for summer 2008 – memories and laughter all along the way – what more could I ask for !!!!

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Scrappin'!!!

Over and out ya'll....................


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Scrapping Christmas in July Challenge Submissions Round 2

All I can say is WOW!!! I've been WOW'd time and again by these ladies at Just Scrappin' !!!!

So, we just finished up with round two.  The challenge was to make gift card holders for the holidays!!!  Well, I don't know about the gift card but these holders are just priceless!!!  Take a look at the fabulous work the girls submitted!!!!

So now we are into the 3rd and final round!!!  Can I hear a HOORAH!!!  You girls who have played along have been such great sports by indulging me with Christmas goodies during the hottest part of the year in most places.  I have so appreciated you and enjoyed seeing your creations!!!

Now, the 3rd and final round:

So, how many of us get a bunch of Christmas greeting cards each year from friends and family and would love to keep every card and display them each year but find it just not feasible???  Most people just toss the cards out each year and forget what you sent right??  Well, I want to change that.  I love making these because they are so cute, versatile and last throughout the years.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to make me three (3) holiday greeting cards on old CD's!!!  Yes, you heard me right, CD's.  Think about it, a CD is sturdy and can withstand storage.  If we decorate a CD on one side or heck, even both, and then put our name/family and the year on it and send it as a greeting our recipients can place them on their trees and have beautiful handmade decorations along with a warm greeting from loved ones!!!!

So, you have until Sunday night, midnight CST to get these 3 CD greetings made and uploaded to the thread over at Just Scrappin'.  Each one MUST use a CD, a hangar (ribbon, string, fiber, paper clip, whatever), at least 3 jewels and a greeting of sorts!!!!

Here are my samples, thanks for looking and I can not wait to see your creations:





As always, Happy Scrappin' and thank you for stopping by!!!  Please remember to leave me a comment to let me know you were here!!!

Over and out ya'll..................................

PS - You know I always put a picture of some sort at the bottom of my posts.  Each month I usually pick a theme or one thing and go with it, well this month is obviously cows in honor of my new blog background that I made.  Normally, the pics are simple - but I found these two that I just HAD to share!!!  I hope you enjoy and hope no one gets offended!!!!



Friday, July 18, 2008

Altered Art Journal

Cait has been talking about an art journal for a while now. She keeps saying she is going to make one and never does. This morning she pulled out some Elsie papers and said she thought she wanted to use those on her art journal but she just didn't know what to do though. I finally took the papers from her and shoo'd her out of my room.

About an hour later along came Lily on the front of Cait's new art journal:


You like??? Cait loved it which made me happy!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Happy Scrappin', over and out ya'll!!!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm in the Mood for fun..............

.........OK, one last post before I head off to bed.

I made this card for the Caardvarks challenge "down on the farm." I used Pink Cat Studios farm stamps along with balloons from dress up Lily. The sentiment I got from my darling friend Cherrie and I am dieing to know where she got it as I would love to have another that I don't have to use on a card as well as if there are any others out there similar to it!!! LOL I so love cows if you couldn't guess!!!!

Anywho, here is my submission for Caardvarks:


Thanks for stopping by and looking at my stuff.

Happy Scrappin'..........over and out ya'll.............


And the winner is..........

I hosted the July 1st through 15th card challenge over at Just Scrappin' and my challenge was to create a card inspired by this magazine cover:


I really loved the feel of this cover!!! My example was inspired by the hat and I just knew my Lily image from Pink Cat Studios was just perfect for it!!! Here is my sample:


Now, the girls really outdid themselves once again!!!! Here are their cards:

And as always, I just couldn't choose a winner so I submitted their names to the random list generator and the winner was chosen this way:

There were 7 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Cristal
2. Cait
3. Aymee
4. Ally
5. Carol
6. Cherrie
7. Jenny

Timestamp: 2008-07-16 19:36:59 UTC

So, congratulations Cristal!!!!

Now, I am keeping her prize a surprise but I couldn't keep the package I made for it a surprise any longer, I just had to show everyone!!!!

I started out with a bare essentials magnetic hinged box by Creative Imaginations, some Basic Grey Phoebe papers, Pink Cat Studios QT Hooty Stamp, googlie eyes, stickles, Fancy Pants crocheted flower, paper studio glitter brad, hand made flowers and black cristal stickers by Mark Richard.

From the top:


From the side:


And the inside (minus the prize of course:


Thanks for looking!!!

Happy Scrappin'.............and again, Congrats Cristal!!!

Over and out ya'll..............


Shakin' It Up a bit

I completed this card for Aymee's July 15th - July 31st Challenge at JS. I had fun with it as I do love me some shaker boxes. They are so easy to make and so cute when they are done. I tried to host a challenge similar to this a while back on another board but the board owner freaked out saying it was stupid and too hard - well MEH to her and lookie at my shaker box card!!!


Now, I don't like the overall card itself but I love my little shaker box. I filled it with liquid - now that was M-E-S-S-Y!!!!

Oh yeah, see the flowers??? I made 'em myself from a tutorial at Inspirational Techniques and Tutorials!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Happy Scrappin'............

Over and out ya'll..................

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let's Go to Luckenbach Texas

with Waylon and Willie and the boys..............

Well, no Waylon and Willie on our recent trip to Luckenbach but some great pictures to scrap!!! So, in response to Ally's challenge called "Don't Forget the Lyrics" at Just Scrappin' here ya go!!!

Materials used:

Patterned Papers, Big Arrow, Small Arrow & Journaling Box = Scenic Route
Texas Sticker = Jet Setters by Reminisce
Bling = Paper Studios, Me & My Big Ideas & Misc Stash

Thanks for looking!!!


Happy Scrappin'!!!

Over and out ya'll......................


Monday, July 14, 2008

A Blog Challenge Completed

OK, my good friend Cristal posted a challenge on her blog with some blog candy as a prize!!! I was working on a fabulous challenge by Ally over at Just Scrappin' and got flustered so I decided to take my frustrations out by going "blooming" crazy with flowers!!!

Thanks for looking!!!


This also fulfilled a challenge from Sisterhood of Scrap so I was thrilled to knock out two challenges with one LO - very efficient tonite!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment to let me know you are here - so many people stop by but no one chats with me!!!

Happy Scrappin', Over and out ya'll!!!!

Christmas in July at Just Scrappin'

There is still time to jump in on the Christmas in July challenge that I am hosting at Just Scrappin'!!! It is a 3 week long challenge to help us get started on our Christmas cards for the season - yeah I know it is way early but this year is just flying by so fast already, if I don't get started now I will not have cards done by then!!!!

So my week 1 challenge was fairly easy. I wanted the girls to create 2 cards using chipboard - no other restrictions as long as they were Christmas themed and had some chipboard on them somewhere.

Here are the girls submissions:

I decided I was going to do a prize for this round as well as the grand prize. The winner for round 1 was Ziggy - I loaded all the girls names who submitted work for round 1 and let random.org choose the winner for me - there was no way I could judge these!!!!

List Randomizer

There were 8 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Zig
2. Tracyj
3. Cristal
4. Sandra
5. Cherrie
6. Aymee
7. Ally
8. Carol

Timestamp: 2008-07-15 00:59:12 UTC

So, congrats Zig!!!!

Here is the prize pack I put together for round 1 for Ziggy!!!


Pattern Paper is double sided by Webster, Ribbon and Brads are by Making Memories, Chipboard is by KI Memories and flowers by Bazzill!!!!

I just posted round 2's challenge tonite. Make sure you come on over and play along with us - who knows what random prize will be given away with round 2, well I do but you have to join JS to find out more!!!

Happy Scrappin'...........over and out ya'll!!!


PS The grand prize for the challenge is a set of clear, Christmas stamps I picked up at Hobby Lobby:


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week 2 Challenge at Just Scrappin'

So, we are on to week 2 for the sponsored challenge at Just Scrappin'. The prize is a kit specially put together for JS by Kelly with Keep In Touch. The challenge was:

The Recipe
DUE By 10:00pm July 20th!

This theme is 2! Read carefully!!! You want to get this right!

Using ONLY TWO colors!

You may choose from these Color Combinations.
The ONLY other color allowed is Black OR white...NOT black AND white.. ONLY one or the other!




Brown/Blue - Check - My color combo choice.


You must use TWO pieces of non-flower Chipboard No more no less Check - Two pieces of non flower chipboard are on the corners of the pictures

You must use either 2 pieces of felt OR 2 paint colors Not BOTH No more no less Check - I painted the chipboard blue then painted brown dots on them.

You must use 2 Flower OR Pieces of Ribbon No more no less Check - 2 ribbons threaded on the side by using the Leave it to Weaver punch I won from Just Scrappin',

OH AND 2 Pictures!!!!! Check - Used 2 pictures from our recent road trip of the beautifully majestic old churches in Fredricksburg.

OK, I did it!!! After two disasters I walked away last night and woke up fresh this morning. Rob had to go pick up some cables from the electronics store which happened to be near Archiver's so he dropped me off and I went in to find my inspiration. As soon as I saw the brown butterfly paper (by Chatterbox) I knew instantly what I would be doing!!!

OK, so mats are:

Blue Cardstock - Bazzill Bling
Brown PP - Chatterbox Flutter Woods
Chipboard - Making Memories exclusively for Archivers
Paint - Making Memories
Bling - Imaginisce
Brad - Misc Stash
Ribbon - Making Memories Cosmo Ribbon in Blue/Brown
Title - Cosmo Cricket Rub-ons
Stamped Journaling Box - Autumn Leaves Doodle Tagged & ColorBox Chestnut Roan Chalk Ink

Thanks for looking and Cristal, thanks for putting me outside of my box!!!


Happy Scrappin' all!!!

Over and out..............


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Couple Things

First off, remember back in March I think it was that Cait was one of the top 5 in the Adornit Teen Chix teen challenge??? Well, she got her prize pack in mid May and got to work on it. Cait sent her work in a couple weeks ago and they updated the blog with some of it. Check out the Adornit Teen Chix site when you get a chance. I'm so proud of her - she is such a blooming scrapper and to think - this month will be exactly one year since I converted her to a crafter!!!! Great job darling!!!

This layout is an entry for the Just Scrappin' July Monthly Challenge. Cristal challenged us to use shaped paper but NOT store bought shaped papers. So, I broke out my Little Yellow Bicycle papers in Vita Bella along with my new Threading Water punch by Fiskars and got started. The colors of the paper really made me think that I needed a water picture. But Cait used one of the awesome ones we got from our road trip and I didn't feel like using it again so soon so I decided I'd do my Diva Daisy in another LO - heck she's gonna need her own album before too long!!! LOL Anywho the bling is from Me and My Big Ideas Icon sets, the white lace is from Making Memories Fresh Anthology Sydney set, the flowers are Prima and the quote is from the Vita Bella CS quote set that matches the papers. It is hard to see but I also used Tim Holtz Distressing ink in Weathered Wood on the photo mat. It is kind of hard to read but the title is Daisy Paddlin' (ya know, doggie paddlin'.....LOL, I'm corny I know!!!).

This LO was based off the sketch over at Sisterhood of Scrap. As I started working on my LO I remembered seeing the sketch this evening when I was doing my normal blog trolling and thought it would work perfect for this LO. So, without further delay:


For all you lurkers out there leave me a comment to let me know you've been here!!! I see so many states and countries on my tracker in the sidebar but you are all so shy!!! Speak up and say hi - I love to chat!!!

Thanks for stopping by again.........happy scrappin' and over and out ya'll!!!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July's Sponsored Challenge at Just Scrappin'

Over at Just Scrappin' we are having a 3 week long contest for a kit supplied by Kelly at Keep In Touch. Week one had some really simple requirements:

Challenge requirements:
- Create a ONE page layout
Layout must include:
- a ONE word title
- ONE picture
- patterned paper from only ONE manufacturer
- ONE arrow
- the word "ONE" or the number "1" must be included somewhere on the layout (in the journaling, title, or elsewhere on the layout)
- Use ONE (and only one) technique from the following list:
* sewing
* inking
* sanding
* doodling
You may use other techniques in addition to these but you must use ONE and only ONE from the above list. (ex. if you sew, you can't also ink)

Everything else is up to you.

So, here is my LO for week 1's challenge:


Material listing:

PP = American Crafts
CS = Bazzill
Flower = Heidi Grace
Ribbon = TS Kit
Flower Center = TS Kit
Gems = Doodlebug Designs
Fiber = EK Success



You are my princess!!! Do you know how important you are to me?

I know I wasn’t the easiest child to raise – I have always been a little stubborn and ornery but you never gave up on me.

I want you to know that I love you dearly and am proud to call you
MOM!!! You always have been and always will be #1 in my book!!

I love you Mom!!!

Thanks for looking!!!! This one was fun!!!

Happy Scrappin'..........over and out ya'll!!!



Just to cover all bases...................

I am not the best scrapper out there. I don't claim to be totally original, I lift from many places and in many forms from color combinations, to product usage, to technique and so forth. I try to be fair to all scrappers out there and mention them when I lift from them - now keep in mind, there are so many people out there scrapping, card making and altering items that naturally more than one person will have similar ideas. When I mention lifting, or casing as some call it, I mean when you intentionally take a design you see and duplicate it exactly or only change up the coloring........KWIM???

With that said..........

All content, including text, photographs, and concept design elements are © Karen Brooks unless otherwise noted. Content within this blog is shared for personal, non-commercial use and inspiration only and shall not be used for personal gain or entry into contests or for publication. That wouldn’t be very nice now would it???

Thanks and happy scrappin'!!!!