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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update - nothing crafty yet.

So Monday had my follow up with the doctor. Started out horrible and ended up worse. He asked how I was feeling from the flu the week prior and I told him better but still tired and run down. He started the routine exam: eyes, ears, nose, throat and heart. His first stop was the throat - said I came in with an elevated temperature so he was concerned because my throat was bright red and looked as if it had a little blister on the back. For any that know me that is not good news because when I get strept throat it usually puts me to bed for a week. I told him no way I had strept because I didn't feel it - the redness and tenderness had to be from drainage from being sick. He disagreed and swabbed my throat and brought it back 10 minutes or so later and it was positive - ugh! He finished with the routine examine by listening to my lungs and my heart - he stopped again! He asked if I had ever been diagnosed with a heart murmur and I told him nothing official but I remember when I was a teenager a doctor had mentioned it during a physical but nothing was ever looked into further. So, he said I'll have to see a cardiologist to check that out. Then, the last bit of oh so freaking fabulous news................My blood work and testing came back with everything negative (which is a good thing) except for one which tested positive (which is a bad thing). I can not remember what he called it as I already had too much on my mind but he said the test that was run came back indicative that I have Fibromyalgia but he wants me to see a Rhuematologist for a confirming diagnosis..........so...........11/11/09 I have an appointment with a Rhuematologist who will most likely put me through MORE testing to find out if it is Fibromyalgia or, as my doctor said there was a slight chance, that it is something else.

As for Rob: he is feeling better and the pains in his chest have once again subsided. Our family doctor and the doctor's at the hospital are a bit baffled as to what is causing the pains to appear and disappear the way they are as they are more intense and severe than indigestion - which was their first assumption when all the tests came back showing Rob has a good strong heart. He goes to the cardiologist tomorrow to see where they will go from here. I am just concerned because about 2 years ago he had a similar bout that started in the chest with pain that he thought was indigestion and then moved to his abdomen and he ended up in the hospital with acute pancreatitis. Then in January he had a bout that was pretty much identical to this one but this time the pains were much more intense and lasted longer than in January.

Anywho, thought I'd update here because I've gotten a lot of emails since yesterday's post asking me how I was feeling and how Rob is feeling. I thank you all for your concern and words of comfort as well as the prayers being said for us. As of right now no news is good news right?

As always, thanks for stoppin' by and happy scrappin' - I'm off to rest and do some school work and hopefully have time to do a little something scrappy but we'll see!

PS A video I ran across that I had to share because I love the message but, my son and I had a conversation just last week about the physics aspect of heat and cold and this made me giggle to a point - he had me scratching my head for sure!

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