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Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008 - Katharina's Creative Place

OK, I found a new blog that is full of inspiration, not to mention a contest I want to enter and I wanted to share it with all of you. Check out Katharina's Creative Place for the contest details and your chance to win as well!!! Don't forget to click on links to other things as well - there is no doubt in my mind that you will be inspired by Katharina's work as well!!!!

Today, so far, is uneventful. I had a huge scare on Friday thinking something was really wrong with me but since have discovered the problem and corrected it. So, you see, I have degenerative bone disease at an accelerated rate. At 27 (8 almost 9 years ago) I was told that I would most likely be in a wheelchair by the time I was 35 (gonna be 36 this year) with the rate of the degeneration. Well, I have fooled them so far!!! LOL On top of that, as if it isn't enough, I am also newly diagnosed diabetic - thanks to both my parents, both sets of grandparents and aunts/uncles on both sides!!! I didn't stand a chance getting away from it did I???

So anywho, Friday afternoon I was sitting at the school waiting to pick up Cait. I had been chatting with my Mom and she had to go because the Schwann man was there - yeah, he's more important than chatting with me....LOL. So I hung up and laid my head back on the seat while waiting. About 2 minutes later I opened my eyes because I was feeling whoosie - man, everything was spinning so fast I could not focus to save my life and I just knew I was gonna hurl!!! This lasted anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes and finally subsided about the time Cait and Dyl (thank goodness his practice got canceled) got into the car. I got home and went into the office to finish up and got to thinking about things I had always been told about being a diabetic - too high or too low could cause dizziness, nausea, etc. So I checked my blood sugar and it was a whopping 269 - it had never been that high ever to my knowledge!!! I had started a new regimen for my back which included Glucosimine Chondrointin (not sure on spelling don't shoot me) 3 days prior and for the last 3 days (Friday being the absolute worse) I had been getting light headed and dizzy on occasion. So I looked up those pills I was taking - amino sugars is the first thing wikipedia says about them. HHHMMM, could this be my problem??? So,I barely finished my day in the office and went to bed. On Saturday I refused to take them to try out my theory that they were the problem - I felt fine after taking my normal pills (diabetic and vitamins). So I went Sunday without them - still doing great and blood sugar level has been below 100 almost every time I've checked. So, I have come to the conclusion Glucosimine Chondrointin is not good for me especially being a diabetic. So, if you take these or know anyone who does and they are diabetic and their blood sugar has started getting high check into it - you may find the problem in the pills that are supposed to help people with bone and joint problems!!!

Oh boy - I wrote a novel about bone problems and pills..........sounds like I'm getting old huh??? LOL

Well, tonite i am hoping to accomplish some more scrappy projects I have lined up. Need to work on perfecting my rings - once I get them down I just might share with you my secrets (although it really isn't a secret....LOL) ***wink***.

Off to finish up work, pick up Dyl from baseball, hit Hobby Lobby to check out what embossing folders they have since they are on sale this week and then back to the house to get to creating some more stuff!!!

Happy Scrappin!!!

Over and out ya'll..................Photobucket


ropergirl3 said...

oh my girl, I am glad you are okay!!! 269---->how scary!!! Glad you found out what it was!

Katharina said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by at my blog, for your kind words and
for taking part in my blog candy give away :) I wish you good luck!

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