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Monday, May 5, 2008


So what did you do for NSD???

I got up and left the house by 7:30 AM in order to get to Archiver's by the time they opened at 9:00 AM so I could get in on the coupons, make and takes and what knot!!!

When I got there a line of zany ladies were already waiting anxiously at the door and it was only 8:40 AM - I stopped for coffee at Starbucks or I'd been there sooner!!! Archiver's graciously opened the doors about the time I got there and let us all in - perfect timing for me!!!

I made these two things at the make and takes:


This is a page topper or center, not anything fancy but cute!!!


This card was just in time - we had made a last minute decision to drive up Saturday night after work for my FIL's birthday on Sunday and I needed to get a card made, it was perfect!!!

I spent a few hours shopping, picked up some really awesome bargains and met some lovely new scrappy friends!!!

When I got home I decided I was going to log into a site that I was formerly associated with to find my account was no longer active - how sweet. Needless to say a little drama had gone on over there and I decided to remove myself from it for a while not once bad mouthing the site or the owner. So come to find out, the owner found out I joined another site - I didn't think there were any laws about the number of sites you could be on but hey, guess so - and decided to deactivate/ban/delete me AND my daughter's accounts. So no scrappy time over there I guess. I decided to log into the new site and enjoy the company of some super sweet and talented scrappy ladies who believe scrappy should totally be drama free - THANK GOODNESS!!!!

Guess it was a good thing I didn't try to get involved in much since we were going up for my FIL's birthday. We got up there Saturday evening and came home Sunday night - what a long drive for such a short time but worth it to get to see family!!! My MIL had shoulder surgery two weeks ago this Thursday so it was good to see her and how she was doing.............OMG the funniest thing, I helped her get a shower and wash her hair. Pop put a new shower head in with the hose and removable shower head hoping it would help out getting her bathed. Well I helped her get cleaned up and had washed her hair getting ready to rinse. I asked her if she wanted me to do it and she told me she could do it - well didn't she ever do it!!! She rinsed the right side and moved around to the left and POW right in my face a full stream of water........was hilarious!!! She told I should have just waited to shower with her considering how wet I got!!! Regardless it made her feel better to get showered and some better fitting clothes on and have her hair dried and fixed!!!!

My BIL fixed some amazing fajitas - I am still thinking about them today and how good it would be to have some leftovers to eat!!!! LOL Maybe next time - heck he bought 6 pounds of chicken and 4 pounds of beef to feed 13 people and there was a small baggie of chicken left and that was it!!!! I took some pics from the party and of the fajitas so I'll have to get them posted maybe tomorrow!!!

Today was long and uneventful - I'm so tired and should be in bed right now instead of blogging!!! I did get my new Pink Cat stamps that were released yesterday ordered - now just to await their arrival!!!!

OK, gonna call it now - I need to get some sleep. The potential new buyer of the property will be in town tomorrow and Wednesday so I need to be rested - hopefully they will buy and get it over with instead of the waiting game we've been playing. I really hate being in limbo. They went into escrow on the 1st and they have until the 31st to back out if they want. Then it is a done deal and we'll be looking at a closing around the end of July - woohoo a move in the heat of the summer!!!! LOL

Nite all............happy scrappin'!!!!!

Over and out ya'll..............Photobucket


Sophia said...

Sorry to hear you got banned...

Like what you created at NSD Day at your shop...

ropergirl3 said...

oh my, let me guess which drama queen did that one! LOL!!!! I haven't been there in ages either, off to check!!!


Just to cover all bases...................

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With that said..........

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