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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Long Weekend

What a long weekend this was and it was not spend frolicking in the sun having fun!!! LOL

We traveled to the DFW area to check on our house that we have up there. We moved out about 4 1/2 years ago to relocate for work and well, it is time to go home we are thinking. We aren't overly thrilled with moving back to the area but it will be OK - mainly we don't like the family drama but we are going back with an open mind so hopefully all will be OK.

Anywho, the house. Yeah, we have some real lovely flipping neighbors let me tell you. They broke a window out of the front of the house, ripped the back door up so bad Rob had to secure it with metal straps because we knew at the time if we put a new door up they would just do it all over again. Honestly, and very surprisingly, the house isn't in that bad of shape. A little fix up here and there and it will be livable again and we can work on it over time to replace and repair things. Oh did I mention the fact that they stole the couch, love seat and entertainment center we left in the house???? And the neighbor lady had the nerve to say she has been "watching" the house for us. Yeah right, watching herself make claim of whatever she wanted from in there.

A little exciting news though, wanna hear it???? Well, I submitted for a DT in July and hadn't heard a thing. I honestly thought that I hadn't made it since it was the middle of August - helps to pay attention to the DT calls though.....LOL. I got an email on Saturday that I made it!!! I can't release the details quite yet because the announcement has not been made but I am on the card DT for a sketch site along with, get this, 16 other card girls and 13 LO girls!!! Yeah, you read that right - 30 DT members!!!! This is so super exciting as some of you recall the last DT I was on kind of fizzled out right after it started. I never even rec'd product or an assignment for the first round before ALL of us DT girls were not hearing from the owner and as of late, the site has totally disappeared. So I honestly wasn't thinking of submitting for a DT again much less ever make one!!!!

I will post more about my DT position and give you a link to the blog very soon!!! I have a super cute blinkie to sport too and will be linking the posts with the sketches here so you can all check it out if you like!!!

As for now, I am off to work on my first assignment which will post the 1st of September. I need to get it done now as we will be moving from the 22nd to the 24th and I won't have any time til after the 1st when I get my scrappy stuff unpacked!!! I'm also very exhausted from this weekend and I still have a paper to write for class!!! Ack, I need to get my bottom busy!!!

Happy Scrappin' everyone.


Stacey said...

Just thought I'd pop by to say hello - can't wait to work with you :o)

Fellow DT Member for "Am I a Scrap Addict?"

Trinka said...

Awesome Karen about the design team.....can't wait to see your work on there. I love to make cards.

Sorry you have to move back but hopefully you won't have much drama. I think every family has drama.

Where are you going to be living? I am in Arlington. We should do lunch and meet.

There is a great store in Waxahatchie...other than that there is nothing. I sell ctmh so I mostly use that stuff.

Let me know when you are settled and we can meet up.


Just to cover all bases...................

I am not the best scrapper out there. I don't claim to be totally original, I lift from many places and in many forms from color combinations, to product usage, to technique and so forth. I try to be fair to all scrappers out there and mention them when I lift from them - now keep in mind, there are so many people out there scrapping, card making and altering items that naturally more than one person will have similar ideas. When I mention lifting, or casing as some call it, I mean when you intentionally take a design you see and duplicate it exactly or only change up the coloring........KWIM???

With that said..........

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Thanks and happy scrappin'!!!!