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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm back!!!

Well, it's been a while since I posted so let me catch you up to date on what has been going on in my life.

June 6th was my birthday - 36 years young woohoo!!! I went to Arlington, Tx for my birthday to attend the Great American Scrapbook Convention. What a blast we had!!! I took my Mom and my daughter. That place was packed with some amazing products and lovely people!!! I met another Karen B - she was just a doll. She asked what brought me there and I told her it was a great day out with the two best girlfriends a girl could have - my Mom and daughter. I also slipped and said it was my birthday and that was our birthday celebration. She disappeared into the booth I was heading to when I met her and a few minutes later came back with the most darling stamp and gave it to me!!! She wrote on the package Happy Birthday and told me to enjoy!!! How sweet was she???

I also got to meet a few of the girls from The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, Tx. I grew up in a small town near there and have visited the shop a few times when visiting my Mom and Dad. About 2 or 3 weeks prior to the show I found the website and their forums and started chatting with the ladies there. So while at the show I made a point to go over and meet them - they are just as beautiful in person as they are on the boards!!! I honestly can not wait to go scrap with them - and anyone who knows me knows that I am not good at going to crops....LOL...I'm hoping I can get over that because these ladies are just fabulous!!!

On the 7th I went to my in-laws for my brother in-laws birthday party. His birthday is a couple days before mine. We had some great food and time spent with family. I got to see an old friend from where I used to work that I hadn't seen in at least 4 years - it was really great to see Terry again, he hasn't changed one bit!!!

After the party I gathered up my nephews to bring them home to Austin to spend time with us. I love to see my nephews and we don't get to that often - they are growing up so darn fast. It really didn't sink in how fast they are growing up til we were driving back to Austin. I then realized they were both in the double digits now and that one would be a teenager next year!!! EEEK!!!

We've had some fun with them here but it looks like their visit is going to be cut short compared to normal. From what we are hearing they are going home this coming weekend which saddens us be we know there must be reasoning for it - they still have to spend time with their Dad and step mom and their Mom and step dad this summer. We are just blessed that we have gotten to spend this time with them and will just figure out other opportunities to see them again soon!!!

Rob has still been working his 2nd night job. He does get furloughed this Friday though and that will be great!!! I've so missed him being home with me in the evenings. Through all of this I should have accomplished some major scrappy milestones because I've had plenty of time to do stuff but nope, I haven't accomplished much of anything!!! It will be good to have my darling hubby back home with me at night though!!!

This Sunday we are going to Kinder, La on a bus trip with his night job. We got a super deal - $35 per person for round trip bus fare AND a hotel room AND $23 in casino vouchers to use for gambling!!!! So all in all this trip is only costing us $12 per person for the transportation to and from as well as a hotel room - that is amazing!!! We are very excited because we've never done a trip like this before. He has heard awesome stuff though from people he works with that have gone on them in the past. We are just on the countdown now til we go!!!

Yesterday I got my new stamps from Pink Cat Studios in. If you have NOT checked out Melissa's stamps then you are so missing out on greatness!!! I ordered the newly released QT Hooty stamps and they are more darling in person than online!!! I just need to get them mounted to my EZ Mount and start using them!!!

On a freaking happy note - I did a LO last night!!! This is the first LO I've managed to get done since March and all the turmoil at another site!!! It really broke me down and I couldn't get my scrappy groove on. Yeah, I've made a few cards and altered items and board books, but I've been feeling the absolute NEED to get a LO done. Bad thing is I can't show you yet!! I did this for a contest at Just Scrappin' and we have to wait til the 20th for all submissions to be received and then turned over to the guest judge. Oh, did I fail to mention the guest judge??? Oh she is a doll!!! Leslie with Treasured Scrapbooking is our guest judge. I've been getting the TS monthly kits now for about 8 months and Leslie packs them full full full of yummy stuff!!!

Oh yeah, another really awesome moment!!! Just Scrappin' got our first sponsor!!! You all remember back in February when I was posting the awesome LO's made from Tinkering Ink's Beloved Kit and talking about Kelly with Keep In Touch??? Well, Kelly has stepped up to be our first sponsor at JS!!! Make sure you check out what Kelly has in her shop - link is in the sidebar just as it has been since I met her - AND check out what we have going on at JS - link is in the sidebar for that too!!!

Just Scrappin' is also having a summer crop the last weekend of June - make sure you come by and see what we have going. Lots of fun to be had and prizes to be won!!!

Well, I've written a novel!!! I should get off here and do some real work but eh, that doesn't thrill me today!!! Make sure you stop back by in a week or so to see the elusive come back LO and to find out what else is going on with me!!!!

Happy Scrappin'............over and out ya'll!!!
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