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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 8, 2008

Wow!!! I can not believe that it is 2008 already!!!!

Since we don't typically set resolutions - knowing we won't keep them - I've decided to set goals instead!!!

First goal - figured out this blogging world!!! This is my first ever blog and I'm not really sure what I'm looking for so it will be trial and error for a while, alot of changes made and definitely some blogging about me, my life and my family!!!

Second goal - continue my weight loss. I've lost 30 lbs. since May 2007. I would like to lose another 30 lbs. by May 2008 - keep your fingers crossed for me as I need all the support I can get, I have NO willpower!!!

Third goal - improve the quality time we have as a family. Try to get away from so much TV when we set down as the four of us and maybe incorporate board games or go out for a drive to look at historical landmarks or something - know what I mean??

Fourth goal - rid our lives of some clutter!!! I, hate to admit it, am a clutter queen!!! I am afraid to throw things away as I know some day I am going to need them!!! I guess growing up with limited resources instilled in the horrible trait of saving EVERYTHING!!! So I would like to clear out some things that we rarely use - alot of it being clothes and things that just get tossed onto the counters or into drawers instead of being dealt with then thrown away when we are finished with it.

Fifth goal - organize myself scrapbooking wise. I am pretty organized as far as my supplies go but I have no organization with any of my pictures or how I scrap - I really need to get the pictures in better order so I can scrap more efficiently!!!

Sixth goal - STOP buying scrapbooking stuff until I use up some of what I have!!! I have serious shopping issues when it comes to scrapbooking stuff. If I see a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby I go regardless of whether I need stuff or not. Same thing goes when I get my Archiver's coupons in the mail - I can no way on this earth let them EXPIRE!!! I need to purge through some of my papers, actually alot of my papers, as well as stickers and what knot and RAK them to someone who could use them!!!

I'm sure I will not achieve all of these goals at once, heck maybe not even at all on some of them, but at least by listing them out it gives me some focus!!!

Thanks for visiting and I look forward letting you in on more of my life!!!!


Frankie's Memories said...

WOOHOO welcome to the Blog world, now maybe we can remind each other we have one.lol
I am loving your ideas to do list. I will fly down and help you organize and declutter......its my fave thing to do,
and see you on the board

Sara said...

welcome to the land of the blog. Good luck with your goals for this year.

Karen said...

Welcome to blogging Karen, I hope you achieve all your goals for the year and I will be looking forward to dropping in and seeing what you have been up to. Btw congrats on the massive weight loss and our dedication so far.



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