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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012 - Where have you gone????

I can not believe I haven't blogged at all this year!!!  So much has gone on that I was sure I'd put some of it out here somewhere!!!  Guess I'll do a quick recap:
My son-in-law came home from Iraq on 12/23/2011 meaning my daughter and grandson left.  The house was very quiet at Christmas.  Matter of fact, my husband and I along with my Dad went to Oklahoma to the casino for the day!!! 

New Year's Eve was very uneventful - as usual Dad was in bed by 8 or so leaving me and the hubby to watch TV.  I think he ended up playing a video game and I scrapped til right before midnight then we rang the New Year in with a kiss and went to bed...........LOL.  I told you very uneventful.

In February it got cranking a little better.  I went to an amazing scrappy retreat and had the most wonderful 4 days of being pampered!!!  I set up my stuff on Thursday and spent the weekend doing much of nothing but scrapping, eating amazing food that was cooked for us (meaning no cleaning up for us!!!), getting massages (yeah plural) and sleeping!!!  I don't think I left with a single completed project but that isn't anything unusual for me as I tend to stay distracted with numerous projects going at once.

February also brought about the 20th birthday of my daughter - time sure does fly when having fun!!!  I remember back when she was learning to crawl and walk and it seems like yesterday she started her first day of school..............I could so go on!!!!

On February 29th I was flown out by a client to photograph her nephew's wedding.  Cait and Tyler flew out and met me in L.A. and we had an amazing time.  Two of our seven days were spent with me working the pre-wedding and wedding day photographs but other than that we got to see a lot of neat things including Hollywood, Graumann's Chinese Theater, The Queen Mary, beaches and so much more!!!! 

March 7th I flew home and was blessed to bring the little man home with me.  That's right, this gramma got to indulge in some serious spoiling for what was supposed to be just a week but because my son-in-law's leave got jacked around because of stupid stuff I had Tyler with me a whole month!!!  I admit I'm not as young as I used to be and while I thoroughly enjoyed having so much time with him, he sure wore this gramma out!!! 

During March my son also came to stay with us and spend some time.  It was nice having him here and seeing how much he has grown and matured into a pretty responsible young man.  Don't get me wrong, he's still a putz and has a lot more growing to do but he really has made this mama proud :)  I took him to get his license while he was here so it was fun riding with him and seeing him gain the confidence he needed to drive on his own.

Cait and Jeff finally got to come the first week of April to get Tyler and spend a week with us.  We had a house FULL but it was so totally worth it.  I had both my kids and my sweetness (grandbaby) with me for Easter!!! 

I sit here in quiet as everyone has finally gone back to their respective homes.  Rob is on the other computer, Dad is in bed and I'm staring at a huge mess of a scrap room that needs some serious attention including purging of about 6 boxes of clothes that I've been putting off but they are too big and I need to just rid myself of them and get ready to buy new clothes as I continue to lose weight (not to mention I need to get my scrap stuff straightened up and put a bed back in here for company).

I have lots of pictures to share from the beginning of the year til now and will do so as I try to get back into the habit of blogging which, with some more me time to craft should be easy to do as I post projects. 

Thanks for always stopping by to see what I'm doing and I can't wait to show off my sweetness, family and projects!!!  Happy Scrappin'!!!!

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